Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More crappy rain coming

Once again, the snow is going to miss us. Go figure.

We're going to get lots of rain Friday and Saturday. They say it's suppose to get colder on Sunday and turn into snow. Once prediction is......WHATEEEVVVEEERRR!

I predict NO snow (as usual), just rain, with maybe some faker-wanna-be light "flurries" that turn into water as soon as they hit anything.

We haven't had snow here in so long, I have forgotten what it looks like. Sigh.

And the most depressing part? Denver is gonna get snow AGAIN! So is western Nebraska. It's basically going to hit everywhere west of ME.

(I'm still waiting for that bus west)


Joe Stains said...

awe holly, its raining here and miserable :(

Dachsies Rule said...

No rains, just cold airs but not too cold. We don't like rain or cold but we get to sleep inside anyway.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Holly said...

As my friend Turbo would most assuredly say: Rain is Stupid!


The Army of Four said...

Holly: The bipeds are saying the same thing here - RAIN! Maybe some snow thrown in, but so far I said "no snow". :(
When can you pick us up? I wanna go to Denver!

wally said...

hi holly,

my granny lives north of you and she's pretty glad she's missing the snow! but my antie linda in colorado left early for her condo in so. cal. to miss the second round of snow. maybe she'd let you crash at her place in boulder!


Holly said...

Ao4 - As soon as I can get the van keys, I'll be on my way. You're pretty much straight south of me, so won't be too far for me to swing throuh. I'm sure D'Azul and Tubey will want a ride too. Good thing our van is like a bus!

Wally - might just take you up on that. Hope your aunt doesn't mind a lot of fur! What sort of silly human leaves snow for HOT weather? She must be a bit insane to do that!