Monday, January 01, 2007

Sweet Tara

I would like to take this time to say a very heartfelt, and sad goodbye to Tara who went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 10th.

She will be greatly missed by her doggie blogger friends. She was so very pretty, with her sweet and happy smile.

Godspeed dear beautiful girl. Wear your Silver Harness with pride. Your human, Connie, will be with you again one day. Until that time, you will be surrounded by others who will be happy to welcome you with love and licks!

Rest in peace.



Charlie The Big Dog said...

Tara will be sadly missed. We always loved seeing new pics of her, she always looked so happy.

Sad wooo's


Marvin The Dog said...

so sorry to hear about Lovely Tara crossing the Rainbow Bridge.

Love and sad licks,
Marvin x

Love from Jeannie x

Franki V said...

Holly, you are so sweet to put Tara's picture on your blog. I am really touched by everyone's compassion. I wish that she could have heard Monty's howl. Maybe she's howling along with Uncle Fester too.:-)