Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lots of happenings

Lots going on around here.

First, we got 6 more inches of snow!! Oh the beauty of the light, fluffy, white stuff! I just love it!

Here are some pictures of me, Sam, and Abby in our new snow.

Second, someone was letting off firecrackers. I have no idea why, but the sad, pathetic, whiney, baby Sam hates fireworks, so he had to run to his mommy for protection. He crawled right up onto her lap while she was in the recliner doing some reading.

Then, the big baby, just laid down on her legs so he could be comforted by her. What a pathetic dog.

And third, I am having some itchy skin issues just like pathetic boy. But, since his were food allergy related, mom thinks mine might be hot spots. I'm not sure why they are hot since I keep laying in the cold snow.

I have a big red spot on my tummy, one on my right hip, and two on my tail. I keep licking and biting at them. So today, mom got out the clippers and shaved them. Then she put on some nasty, bitter tasting stuff called Sulfodene, which is for hot spots. It does feel a little better, but I keep licking the spots anyway. I am going to the vet in the morning, so hopefully we can find out what is wrong. Good thing the humans have credit cards since we are spending a lot of their money lately on vet bills!

(at least I get a ride in the car!)


Fu Fu said...

You guys got SNOW?!! I so want to go visit you NOW Holly. :)

~ fufu

Turbo the Sibe said...

When something stupid like lightning or firecrackers happen, Lex freaks out. I don't, but I yell at Lex, 'cause it's obviously his fault!

Holly said...

fufu - you are more than welcome to come visit me any time!!

turbo - they make me nervous, but I'm not such a big baby like Sam that I have to get in mommy's lap!

Macie-Malechai said...

You look right at home in the snow Holly! We're going to continue our snow dance in hopes of getting more. Neither of us has ever heard fireworks before so we don't know if we're scared or not. We've had lots of thunderstorms though & those don't bother us at all so who knows. Good luck with your hot spots, sorry you had to be shaved in areas, that's just so wrong! We'll add a non hot spot move or two into our snow dance for you, hopefully it will work.
Fave Licks, M&M

SteveKatWilbur said...

We are jealous because you got so much more snow than we did!!

We read your post about the cornheads on our blog. Can you believe that our mom was named after them?!? That's why she's named Husker. (We're talking about our canine mom, not our human mom, although it would be funny for a human to be called Husker.)

Steve & Kat

The Army of Four said...

Holly! Oh, you look so beautiful in the snow! So do Abby and Sam, but in a different way!
I'm sorry you have hot spots! I hope the vet is able to help get you over them FAST! I've never had any, but I know they're just so irritating!
My mom thinks Sam looks like me in the picture of him on top of your mom. Not "like me" like me, but he's got a Davy-like expression, she says. I'm not afraid of fireworks, though. I just love my mom.

Tom said...

good luck at the vet! I hope you don't end up with one of those cone things on your head!!

Joe Stains said...

Oh nooooes, that was Me, not TOM, that is my dad and he left himself signed in!

Holly said...

m&m - hope you get a little more snow too. Is there ever really enough?

skw - there are lots of dogs around here named husker too. can't these people be more creative?

joe (and tom too) - the vet said I should wear a cone, but since I wouldn't be able to fit out the doggie door, so far mom hasn't put one on me. keep your paws crossed that she never does!

D'Azul Siberian said...

Holly, you look great in the snow. Hope your hot spots clear up. Plain Listerine helps with that and doesn't hurt too much.

D'Azul Siberians

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there gorgeous gal,

lovely snow bunny pix...

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Marvin The Dog said...

I just love your ears Holly! They are adorable!

love Marvin xxxx