Saturday, January 06, 2007

He's feeling better

The itchy and scratchy boy is feeling much better today. Mom had to change his shirt because his....ummmm, "thing" was in the way so the shirt got wet. So, he now has a new shirt, with an area cut out for his "thing" so the shirt won't get wet.

He still looks like a dork, and I'm still laughing at him, but at least he won't be able to scratch at his stitches.

I am, however, quite embarrassed to be seen with him. I actually have to hide my face so people can't see me.

Hard to believe I have to put up with this for 2 weeks, until he gets his stitches out. Oh well, I do feel kinda sorry for him. He does have to wear a shirt out in public!

HEHD Hollybollyboo
(just glad it's not me in that shirt)


MaPaw said...

Well, at least that shirt suits him better. He does not look so much like he is trying to be a muscle dog. Maybe he will be out of it soon.

Joe Stains said...

ya we have problems with shirts and peeing on them too. but we don't look quite so silly in ours. I might hide my face too ;)

The Army of Four said...

Woo, Holly! Amber wanted to "ooh and aah" over how cute that picture of Sam is - then I saw the one of you! Oh, that's the cutest pose I've ever seen! Gee, Holly, how did you do that? It had my mom saying, "Oh, that sweet BABY! Look at HOLLY!" Woo. You'd get about a million cookies if you did that around my mom - for SURE! I might even share mine with you.

Shmoo said...

Why is it that huskies named Sam are such a problem lately? The shirt is horrible, so I'm glad he's in it, and not your regal self.

My Sam has pee issues too. He has to have the humans help him walk, so they use this belt thing under him. He pees on the belt thing because the human woman can't figure out how to move it in time so he doesn't. Luckily it can be washed. Then they wipe him down with these smelly baby cloth things. Not only does he look silly walking on the belt, but he smells like a fake flower. No wonder he woos so pitifully.


Fu Fu said...

Oh.. poor Sam. I hope he gets better soon. He looks kinda sad in that shirt

~ fufu