Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm here!!

Oh, I am so sorry I have been away! The stupid human woman has been freaking out because she has these Clep tests that she has to take (I guess she earns credit for a whole class just by taking a single test ) so she can graduate on Saturday! She had 4 to take, and has already taken 2. She was suppose to take the final 2 on Friday, (gee, nothing like waiting till the last minute) so has been studying every minute she is home.

Anyway, she has requested no TV, no talking, and no fun so she can study. Unfortunately, that means no computer for ME!

However, today she decided to wait until NEXT Friday to take the final 2 tests (which I guess is ok since she still gets to graduate on Saturday, but just won't get the actual degree until the test is done) so she has mellowed out a bit, and decided I can again get on the computer. 'Bout time!

So, for your viewing enjoyment I am attaching some fun pictures of me.
The first picture is of me and Monty running in the nice fluffy snow we got this past weekend.

Next, is a picture of me laying upside down. Dad thought my flappy lip was kinda cute.
DUH! I'm always cute!

And lastly, is a picture of me in dad's Wolf Park hat.

Apparently he thought it would be funny to put it on me and take a picture. Personally, I don't see anything "funny" about it. It's just humiliating when humans do these things to us.

Well, that's all for now. Mom is still going to be studying for her test, but at least now there won't be so many restrictions since she is giving herself an extra week. Nice thing is, after that, life will return to being fun again, since mom won't be stressed with school stuff anymore. And I'm all for that, cuz she was kinda cranky all year!

(still able to have fun regardless of the stressed out human woman)


Althea said...

Hey Holly good to have you back. Awesome picture of you and Monty running in the snow. Looks like sooooo much fun. Wish I had some snow to run in.

And you are right you do look cute all the time.

My Dad tries to put his hat on me some times but I want nothing to do with it. Even my doofus brother Lares will not let him put it on.


Turbo the Sibe said...

We're supposed to get 1 to 3 inches of snow this Sunday. That'll fall on top of the ice we have. I don't think the white stuff is going anywhere for a while!

MaPaw said...

What would be funny about a hat? You just look like a prety Mal in a hat. The snow looks so fun.

The Army of Four said...

Wooooo! Holly's back! Wooooo!
I missed woo, Holly! I love the pictures you posted today. Even with the hat on - you still look 100% adorable. I don't understand why bipeds do these things to us.
Happy snow!

Holly said...

Althea - running in the snow was so much fun! I sure hope you get some soon!

Tubey - Ice is stupid. I'm sending some good snow vibes your way!

Magnum - thanks for thinking I don't look too silly in that hat!

My darling Dave - It's so nice to know you missed me! I promise not to be away for so long ever again!

Franki V said...

I luvs your flappy lip!