Monday, January 29, 2007

The Spaz is at it again

The freak is at it again. He had another "episode" last night where he spazzed out. This time the human woman was ready though. Enjoy!

I got up and thought about putting him in his place, then thought......why bother? He does such a good job making himself look like a dork. Why should I stop him?

(Lord he's embarrassing)


Althea said...


I have to say I'm with Sam. It is fun to spazz out every once in awhile. In my house, we call it "going ment" as in mental. It is fun to woo and run around for no reason. I like to do figure 8's around and under the dining room table.


SteveKatWilbur said...

Good video, Holly! Steve was doing that this morning! He was just running around barking like a crazy dog. It might have been because I was chewing on something he wanted, but I won't admit that!


The Army of Four said...

Ha ROO! Hey, Sam - wanna play? Wanna play!?!? Oh, yeah, do you look like a fun guy! Storm said you're almost like MY charming dogsonality in Dave's body! Ha roo! Wanna play!?!?
Play bows,

Macie-Malechai said...

OK, you're right Holly, he's a freak, but a very funny one! For a minute there, we thought he was having a cat attack, looked like our cats when they chase their tails. We also noticed how he immediatley got up on the couch when he thought you were headed that way. Are the other 3 dogs at your house funny too? Just wondering.
Face LIcks, M&M

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh Holly, he looks so cute though! Spaz like or no Spaz like, I think I recognise some of his spaz ness .....been there, got the tee shirt!

But you look very calm and Holly Boo Boo Like!

mucho love and licks Marv xxxxxx

Holly said...

The boy is a total weirdo!! What he is doing is trying to get mom to play with him. Normally when he does this, she will get up and chase him around and play attack him. He loves it! But, when she doesn't do what HE wants, he just continues to yell at her. He usually has her pretty well trained. These two times she just ignored him so she could get him being so spazzo wierd on video.

But yet, he is tons of fun and LOVES to play. Zim, I'm sure you guys would have a ball chasing each other!

wally said...

hey holly--me and my sister do this (though less noisily). we call it "rampaging" or "berserker." good times!


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hee hee hee,

me the Tinster does that too, generally my figures of 8 are larger (cos I'm outside)...

...but I admire your coolness, Hollybollyboo!

Chow for now,

Tin Tin (who needs to lose 5 kilos, pah!) xo

IndyPindy said...

Hey, the video wouldn't work for me! Wooo!