Thursday, March 01, 2007


Well, it's official. We're in a blizzard!! It's our first "official" one since 1998!! The human woman stayed home this morning because she only made it two blocks and decided to turn around and come back home. Which was a very good idea, because the Nebraska State Patrol decided to tell everyone to stay OFF the roads. I-80 west of 126th street all the way to Utica Nebraska is closed. I-29 from South Dakota to Missouri is closed. I-80 east to Des Moines is closed. So, it's a good thing mom decided to stay home! Dad got off work at 6:30 this morning and it took him 2 hours and 15 minutes to make it home and it's only 12 miles!

Mom got some good pictures this morning of us out in the blizzard. Hopefully, we will have more later. We are suppose to get between 10 and 15 inches!! We already have 10 inches and it's only 10:30 in the morning!

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment!

This is Abby. You can barely see her back there.

To the right is me.

The two below are Samuel.

And that's Abby covered in snow in the house.

That beautiful face on the right is mine, of course!

Well, that's all for now!

(just call me Snow White!)


Althea said...

Wow, are there dogs in those pictures. I can't see cause of all the snow.


IndyPindy said...

Oh, I am SO jealous! My humans and I would LOVE to have a good blizzard that would snow us in for a few days!

The Army of Four said...

Oh, a BLIZZARD! Holly, how lovely! I am so happy for you!
Congratulations and enjoy it to its fullest!!!

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrr Holly, thats great snow. Enjoy it while ye can. We got nuthin here, nuthin but wind.

Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

PiratesGrrl said...

OOOH! You are the luckiest dogs! I'd do anything to romp through that white fluffy stuff!!

Have fun!
Thrawn from The Brat Pack

Dakota said...

Wow Holly, that a snow to be envious of.
I hope you are having a wonderful time.

Joe Stains said...

holy moly you are brave to go out there?!?!?!!!!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, that snow looks like fun. Be sure to track lots of it into your house where the snow thief won't get it!


Cubby said...

Yeah! Snow Day!

Keep warm!

Holly said...

Sure wish you could all visit and play in the snow with me! It's so much fun! I feel so bad for those of you who don't GET any snow, or don't HAVE any right now!

This beats the swamp, that's for sure!!

I love winter!