Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mom signed up for her final Clep test, Civil War and Reconstruction, which will mean she will finally be done with school, and get her bachelors degree.

She got a copy of the study guide from the library at Bellevue University, so she can study for her test.

Unfortunately, this is what she found the other day. Apparently Sam was a little bored, and there weren't any chewies around. Mom was NOT happy! Notice the partially EATEN pages!

Now mom's probably gonna have to pay a lot more money than she would have for just the test, and buy the school a new study guide.

She has learned her lesson though. She put the study guide up out of reach, and we now have plenty of chewies laying around.

(glad it wasn't me)


cyber-sibes said...

Woo-woo, Holly.

Nice job by Sam on the paper. Don't worry, it's okay to tell the teacher "my dog ate my homework" when it's TRUE! I did the same thing to some papers called "tax returns" a couple months hu-mom wasn't too happy either. : (


Thanks for visiting our blog, and we left a message earlier about your critter, too)

The Army of Four said...

So..... what you're saying is that Sam has a taste for history? Ha roo roo roo!
Play bows,
PS: I'm a legal scholar! When I lived at a Good Samaritan's house for a week or so, I devoured law books. Yep - ate 'em right up. It was shortly after that that I landed at the slammer......

Hobbeschops said...

How is the Mama know it was the Sam, did you is all point at Sam when the Mama ask who did it ? What is happen with the honour among chewers ?

Lorenza said...

Hi, Holly. I like paper too. Important papers are the best, you know!

The Daily Echo said...

Uh oh! That doesn't look good. I know because I've seen things like that before. Not that I'm admitting to anything of course! Tell Sam to tell Mom he was giving the book a worn, weathered look as if it came from the Civil War era. Yeah...that oughta work.

Shmoo said...

Oh very nice work, very nice. Not some ordinary paperwork, but IMPORTANT paperwork, that's the best.


Maximillian the Valliant said...

Hi Holly,

I notice that you are plagued with Samoyed sibs too...are yours as awful as my sissie Lily?


Holly said...

Sherman - she's afraid to tell them the truth cuz they will probably laugh at her....then hit her with a big bill!

Zimmie - he has a tast for paper. ANY paper. He loves to shred magazines!

Hobbes - Sam is notorious for his paper eating. He's done it for years!

Lorenza - I know Sam thinks paper is yummy, so I might have to try it some time.

Echo - haha!! That was a good one!

Meeshka - yes, the important ones are always the best and worth the most "freak out" points!

M-the-V - my Samoyed siblings are relatively boring. Monty and Sam have boy issues, but other than that, they are pretty mellow!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Wow, Sam did a good job. My parents were in Nebraska this past weekend with some more of my family. My grandma said she saw a husky there. Was Sam in Lincoln perhaps? Maybe it was him!


Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

"Rut Woe" - Well Holly, at least is wasn't you who tore up your mom's nice college book. However, Sam taught mom a good lesson... Keep those items out of the reach of a Siberian if you don't want it destroyed, ha roo ha roo!!

Holly said...

S & K - Wow, your parents were so close!!! They should have let my human know, she would have loved to meet YOUR humans! My human did a home visit for a family there who adopted a husky from Northern Sled Dog Rescue in Indiana. She loves helping huskies find homes! What did you do for the weekend???

Sitka - Sam hasn't chewed up any books or magazines in quite a while. Usually because there are plenty of chewies laying around. Unfortunately, we were out, so Sam found he own version of a "chewie"!!