Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Foto Friday

Mmmmmmmm, snow!

Very tasty!

Happy Friday everyone!



Huffle Mawson said...

I can't believe how much snow you have!

p.s. I wanted to let you know that Blogger has rolled out a new version of their comment verification and some of them are REALLY hard to read. Mum gives up if she gets it wrong twice.

bichonpawz said...

Don't you just LOVE the taste of the snow??? We do!!! Our mama agrees with the comment is aggravating when she can't read the comment thing!!

Happy Friday!!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Anonymous said...

Hollybollybananaboo, could you possibly send some excess snow to Zimmie, he is really getting worried. You may want to include some edible snow too, as you have proven it to be.

Sam said...

Just don't eat the yellow snow - I've heard the flavor is just terrible!


Amber DaWeenie said...

That's the biggest snow cone I ever saw!


Kari in Vegas said...

Just don't eat the yellow stuff

Stop on by for a visit

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khome on Biotch -

Share ;-)

Just Sayin'

PeeEssWoo: Please make the word thingie go away - just nasty!

ForPetsSake said...

Hehe - sometimes you find the best snacks just laying around ;)

Cyber-sibes said...

Yum, fresh snow!!!!! Can woo send us a snowball or two?

jack & moo

Keisha said...

My hooman likes snow. She said it is fun to play with. We don't get snow where we live now, but she used to live where they have snow. I bet I would like sledding! :)