Saturday, July 05, 2008

Final Episode From My Visit

Here is another video of me and Dave. He is still yelling at me. I sure wish he understood that it wasn't my fault that it took so long for me to visit. Oh well, I still love him anyway!

And, here is a photo of me listening intently to some really good advice about Dave from the Supreme Commander of the Army of Four, Stormy!

And here is a pic of me being very nice to Ammy! She is such a nice girl! Although, the look on her face says she might think I'm a little strange!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed hearing, and seeing my great adventure to visit the Army of Four! I sure hope I can go back again some day!! I think Dave and I definitely need more time together!!

(still in dreamland over meeting my darling Dave)


Tracey and Huffle said...

You're lucky to be able to meet your boyfriend. I don't even have one. Maybe I need to get a boyfriend too!

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

Amici said...

Are you sure Dave was yelling at you? He sure looked like he wanted to give you a husky hug and play. :)

Stormy seemed more interested in the scent of you at first....but then Stormy checked you out just fine.

What a fantastic visit that must have been.

Eva said...

Dave sure is talkative. Maybe he was trying to tell you that you need to move in next door?

Princess Eva

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I think Dave was telling you that you should be nicer to ME and not pikhk on ME so much even though I am sooooo furry nice to YOU!

You are surely furry khomfy and showing EVERYONE your tummy!!

PeeEssWoo: It was very nice of your mom and dad to take you to visit your BF and his family!

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Holly! I loved all of your videos. I loved the belly shot thatyou gave to Ammy!

The OP Pack said...

Really enjoyed woo sharing your big rendezvous with the AO4. Woo are one very pretty lady, princess Holly.

Joe Stains said...

You two should totally get married I think! Then you should be allowed to live together!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Holly!
I like the videos and the last picture is great too!
I really hope you can be with them again soon!
Kisses and hugs

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Dave sure is very excited to meet you. That must be a really pawsome visit

~ Girl girl

Simcha said...

Wow Holly! I wish my Mally sister Kiley was as friendly and calm around other dogs as you are. You're a gem.

And I think Dave was just really happy to see you.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Dave has so much to say that you obviously need more time together. And here I thought the woman was supposed to be the talkative one!


The Daily Echo said...

Holly, if I didn't know any better I'd say woo were playing hard to get! Was that you being aloof? Great videos! Thanks fur sharing!

Kapp pack said...

Dave certainly had A LOT to tell woo!

Woo woo, KA

cyber-sibes said...

Yeah, Dave was just trying to squeeze in as much as he could tell you in the little time he had with woo. Woo definitely need to go back again!

Wooos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo

Dakota said...

These long distance romances are so hard, sigh.....


-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Woo-hoo, Holly, you are lucky to meet yur honey, Dave! We live too far away for Juneau to visit his MayaMarie. And, we live way too far away for me to visit my Summer, BIG SIGHS!! Glad you had a great visit.

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Izzie said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I wish I were there to see it person. But then, I'd prolly run from y'all, like I do with most big dogs!

One of the pack said...


That is one pawsome trip! We'll be having great dreams just from seeing the pics. I can't imagine how much fun you all had. What fun!

I really like the photos with you and Zimmie.

Thanks for sharing the meet and greet.

Loving Life,


Kathryn and Ari said...

Ari is fluent in husky, and she says Dave isn't yelling; he's flirting!