Sunday, September 23, 2007

Vehicle Tag

Ha roo every dog and Girl Girl! Sorry I have been away for so long. It's been a bit of a busy week. Mom had to give up her laptop for 2 days so her company could set it up for her to work from home. Then, she went out of town for a day to Chicago for her job.

But, now that she is back and finally letting me blog, lets get down to business!

My good friends the Army of Four have tagged me for a great new game. We have to describe what type of vehicle we are and why. I have given this some serious thought, and also consulted with mom and dad. Here is what we came up with.

Mom and dad both agree that I am a Hummer.

I'm big, wide, can go through just about anything, and am very tough!

Samuel is a Ford F250.

He is strong, a very big Siberian Husky, and he can pull very well!

Monty is very similar to Samuel, but I think we'll compare him to a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

He's very capable on road or off, loves to pull, and loves adventure.

Kona....Well, what can I say about Kona. When I think of Kona, I think of a Buick Park Avenue.

He takes his time getting around (slow and putsy) but is very friendly and quite polished around people.

Abby is definitely a Cadillac.

She is beautiful, very regal, glides along effortlessly, and is top of the line.

This has been quite fun, and I had to think really hard to come up with all these cool vehicles. So, I think now I need a nap. It's still pretty hot here even though it's the first day of fall! It was 86 degrees today. Where is my cool weather now that it's officially cool weather season?!?!

I am going to tag Maddox, Quincy and Tristin, and Tasha and Eva.

(off to find a cool spot to nap)


The Daily Echo said...

That was fun! I like your car picks. It's been yucky and hot here in PA too. Blah. Just WHEN will the cooler weather get here and STAY here???

Mud Monster & DWB said...

Very cool Holly. Thanks for tagging us. We will have to think about what kind of vehicles we are and why and get back to you on that one. Keep an eye out for ours. ;-)

Love and Licks,
Quincy & Tristin

Lorenza said...

Hi, Holly
Sure you had hard time thinking about all those car choices!! Do you agree with the Hummer description?? You are so sweet for that!!!
My mom told me about the begining of the fall... and I can't believe it! 100 degress is not fall weather!!
Have a good nigth

Maddox said...

Awooo, I've been tagged! Mom says she will 'think hard about it' to decide what Shelby Woo and I will be and will post tomorrow.

I am not gonna tell the Springers though, okay? They would just be, like, you know...old, like maybe Volvo station wagons or something like that.


Tucker said...


You are very talented! I'm not a hummer, just a barker and woo-er.

We have some cool weather we'll send your way. When we're done with it!

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh Good Choices, there, Holly!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Those are really big and powerful vehicles you got there Holly. :)

~ Girl girl

The Husky in the Window said...

You'all picked some really good vehciles Holly.
Hope you'all are getting some cool weather there. It's hot here.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

A hummer! Awesome. That's a big cool car, just like you. (And I mean big in the best way.)


Kapp pack said...

I agree with the hot part. Mom has decided it's September and the AC should be off. Sky and I have been "suffering" in the house all day with these sweltering temps!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
(think snow)