Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Nickname Game

Since a lot of my pup pals have been listing their nicknames, I thought I would play along too. I love these kind of games!

Me first (as usual):
Hollybollyboo, Hollybollybananaboo (thanks Khyra for that one), Boo, Boomonster, Malamonster, Fluffy butt, Minimoose, Hollyhorse, Charmin (cuz I'm squeezably soft)

Sam, Sam I Am, Sammy, Sam Sam, Tam Tam, Poophead, Poopy,
Peepee, Fuzzybutt, Stinky, Stinkybutt

Abby Doobie, Doobie dog, Doobie, Doob Doob

Kona Bona, Fat A**, Putsy, Pokey, Pokeybutt


Well, that's it. In fact, most of the time mom doesn't even use our real names. Most of the time it's Boo, Doobie, Poopy, Fat A** and Monster. Good thing we are smart enough to figure out who she is talking about with all those names she calls us. Well, except for Monty. He's so lame he only has one nickname.

(aka - see above)


Joe Stains said...

Dad calls us pee heads sometimes, how rude!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hee fluffy butt sounds so cute.
How come Samuel's nickname is Peepee?

~ Girl girl

Mud Monster & DWB said...

Hahaha we forgot mommy calls us both stinky butt too. Which we think is absolutely rude since half the time its Daddy that is the stinky butt!!

Q & T

Lorenza said...

Hi, Holly
You all have very cute nicknames. Malamonster?? I wonder why??
Have a nice day

Holly said...

GG - Sam gets called peepee a lot because he gets urinary tract infections frequently so mom always says he has "peepee" problems, so the nickname stuck.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh HBBB - thanks much for the mention on your fine blog!

It is an honour and pleasure to have khrystened you with HollyBollyBananaBoo!

I think that khalls for a round of bananasikhles for everyone!


Baby Doll

Tucker said...

I like your name, Holly! I hope you don't feel insulted by your nicknames, like, ummm, Malamoose. Holly Mackeral. Stuff like that.   ;-)

The Human Assistant likes to quote from Sam I Am sometimes. Why do humans do such dumb things?

Monty needs more names. Hmmm. Python? Was he named for Field Marshal Montgomery?

For Abby, how about Abba Dabba Doo?

I don't have any nicknames except Buddy sometimes. Now that it's just me and Gremlin, a girl, there's no confusion.

Should I ask the Human Assistant to think up some? I'm afraid of what he'd come up with. Tuckeroonies, maybe. He called me Turkey for a while.   :-(

MaPaw said...

Your humans are a bit harsh. I hope you call them rude names in return.

Sooky said...

Hi Holly,
Those are some great nick names, Your humans are very creative.

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Your parents have a thing for nicknames with "butt" in them, huh?


Bama said...

I'm kinda partial to Malamonster, maybe we're related? I guess that would mean Monty is related too....
Chili said he forgot in his post, but he gets "fuzzbutt" alot!
We have a grown up skinsister named Samantha, she has the same 3 first nicknames as Samuel, we think it'd be funny if mom used the rest of his nicknames on her too, but mom says Sam probably wouldn't appreciate it, and it's not very polite to call a 30 year old woman "poopyhead"
Oh well....it was a thought.
Bama & the RHP

The Army of Four said...

Ahem. You forgot "The Bee-wooooo-tiful Hollybollyboo".

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