Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Very Cool Place

The humans are going on vacation Friday. And we don't get to go. Our cousin Tracy is staying with us (she's dad's niece) cuz she loves us, and knows how to do all our meds, so we will have a really good time driving her crazy and letting her spoil us. She's really good at giving us lots of treats!

Guess where the humans are going? Don't know?

Here's a hint:

Guess what THAT is! Yep, it's a WOLF! Mom took this picture last year when her and dad went to Wolf Park in Battle Ground Indiana. She got to take lots of pictures of beautiful wolves, and she even got to pet them! And, best of all, she got a KISS from Wolfgang! How cool is that!

She was so excited cuz she really loves wolves. She is basically a wolf freak! We have a lot of wolf stuff around our house. Maybe that's why she likes Huskies and Mal's so much, cuz we look kinda like them.

Here is one of my favorite pictures. This is Tristan, the alpha male, and boy is he gorgeous!! Just look at those beautiful green/gold eyes, and all that beautiful fluffiness!! *sigh*

This is Wolf Parks 35th Anniversary, so they are having a big party this weekend. Since mom and dad are not just members, but also sponsor a senior wolf named Echo, and a young Coyote named Willow, they really wanted to go back and celebrate with them.

So, hopefully they will have some really great new pictures to share with us when they get back!

(don't worry Dave, I still only have eyes for you)


Tasha & Eva said...

What a great time for your humans. Too bad you can't go with to meet those wolves! Do you think they would play nice with you? Your humans are so cool for sponsoring two wolves there! Tell them to have a great time!! Tasha & Eva.

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Wow Holly, that looks like so much fun!!! I love the kisses picture. I am a very kissy siberian! I will about give anyone kisses who will let me.

Bummer that you can't go, but hopefully mom and dad will bring back some WONDERFUL smells!

Hugs, Sitka

PiratesGrrl said...

OK, Mom is officially jealous of your parents now. She used to sponsor two wolves - one in NM and one in South Texas but never got to visit them.

We hope she takes LOTS of pics. (hint hint)

Have fun with Tracy!!!

The Brat Pack

The Army of Four said...

Woo, Holly! Your mom got a wolf kiss??? Wasn't she scared? That's really exciting! They are really bee-woo-tiful - but not as much as you! (Please see today's post on our blog!)
Those coyote pups are too cute! We thought the write-up on Twister sounded like Zim. Woo.
It's nice that your mom sponsors Willow and Echo!!!

MaPaw said...

Wow Holly, that is so COOL! Your mom and dad are wonderful to sponsor wolves. Do they smell like wolves when they get home? You will have to sniff them carefully.

Thor said...

Wow, Holly, your humans are so lucky! My mom used to sponsor a wolf too, but never got lucky enough to meet him! It really is too bad you can't go. You're so beautiful, they couldn't help but love you!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

We hope your humans have fun and that you have fun getting spoiled while they are gone!!

Steve and Kat

Sooky said...

Hi Holly, Sounds like your mom and dad will have a fun-filled weekend. I love the wolf pictures.
Puppy Kisses, Sooky

Joe Stains said...

that last wolf looks a little scary, your Mom is brave!!!

Wolfgang said...

My mom went to Wolf Park a couple of summers ago. She's a wolf nut, too. Her favorite was Alyeska... his eyes are something else.

I didn't know that they named a Wolf after me! After all there wasn't a Wolfgang when Mom visited. ;)

Great post!
Wolfgang (the husky)

Fu Fu said...

Woh, your mum can get so close to a wolf?? That's so cool..

~ fufu

cyber-sibes said...

Wow, our human is incredibly jealous! She's wanted to go to Wolf Park for years, but just can't seem to get it together- (not exactly a big surprise there). We'll make sure she keeps checking your blog to see the pictures!

Star & Sherms

Franki V said...

Your humans are so cool! My human did not even know that there was a Wolf Park until this morning. Duh! Some of the humans on our daily walks think that I look like a wolf. My human always laughs but I take it as a compliment.:-)

Franki V