Friday, April 19, 2013


Yes, Titus has been having quite a good time digging in the mud!  Remember THIS post where dad measured how deep the hole was getting? Well, Titus was finally caught in the act this time!

Dad had even filled in the hole with the dirt, but Titus decided he wanted the dirt OUT of the hole!  Oh, and ignore dads comment about the dog poo containers on top of the air conditioner.  He was just getting ready to take it all out to the trash!

Oh well!  At least it wasn't me getting caught!

Happy weekend everybuddy!

Khady Lynn


Sam said...

I think we are pretty lucky we haven't had a digger. Although, they are pretty considerate not putting the holes where you can trip in them.


The Websters said...

How come your dad wasn't running out there yelling, "NO TITUS NO! NO NO NO!?"

That's what Master says...he never laughs.