Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prayers and Awards

Hey every buddy! Khady Lynn here. I just want to send out lots and lots of Sibe vibes and many prayers to my sister Cornelia Marie's "sister" Sitka. Sitka has been very, very sick since this weekend and underwent surgery Monday. Please stop by and wish her a speedy recovery! We are keeping all our paws crossed for her. She is in very good hands at the University of Georgia (UGA), and they are taking great care of her. We know she will be home very soon and playing again!

On a lighter note, I got an award from my friend Quincy. I'm so honored! I've never gotten an award before, so I am very excited. Ok, ok, it was for Holly too, but she said I could have this one all to myself! (she does have her "nice" moments)

So, here is how it works;

The Award Rules:
Rule #1 - Copy image to your blog.
Rule #2 - List 10 things that make you happy. (In no particular order of significance.)
Rule #3 - Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

Cool!! So, here are 10 things that make me happy.

1. Chewing on, and playing bitey face with Holly and Samuel
2. Playing and doing zoomies in the snow
3. Napping in my special spot on the couch
4. Playing with my stuffies and keeping them away from Monty
5. Peanut butter filled Kongs
6. My wonderful mom and dad, who take great care of us.
7. All my fur brothers and sisters
8. Having such great blogging friends
9. Morning choir practice where I get to lead and be the loudest
10. Having such a wonderful home where I am spoiled pretty much every day

I don't know who all has, or has not received this award. And, since all my blogging friends make me happy, I am going to share this with ALL my friends who have not yet received this award! I love having my friends come and read our blog. That makes me happiest of all!!!

And, just to keep all our fans happy, here is a picture of me and Holly doing our "usual".

Now, off to my couch for a nap.

Khady Lynn


Suka said...

hey Khady Lynn,

Congratulations on your first award! That is so pawsome! And what a sweet award it is. You pawed a great "Happy" list, and I like your numbers 2 and 9 the best!

Holly, that was super gracious of you to let Khady Lynn have the award all to herself. You make us Malamutes proud!


The Thundering Herd said...

Congrats on the award. I do love all of the pictures of the two of you and Hbbb really likes her KL.

Sagira said...

Congrats on your award and I sure do hope your sister feels better.

Cyber-sibes said...

Love the pic, Hbbb & KhL. Hey - we gave woo the same award today!!! (Didn't know you'd already gotten it). I guess that means woo are twice as special?

a-roos to yous,
Jack a-ro & moo too

Tia, Sitka, and Cornelia Marie said...

Hey Sis! Thank woo for the paw out for Sitka. We can't wait for her to come home.
Puppy Woos,
Cornelia Marie

The OP Pack said...

Congrats on your award - it is such a "sweet" one. We love your list, ours would be very similar. We have our paws crossed for Sitka too.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Mochi and Mommy said...

I love that pic! Congrats on your award and that's a great list!

I'm keeping my paws crossed for Sitka!


Huffle Mawson said...

Congratulations on your award! I am still purring my very hardest for Sitka.

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on your award!

Those are some furry nice happy things!

I'm still sending lots of Sibe Vibes to GA fur Sitka!


Lorenza said...

Congratulations on your Award!
Thanks for sharing your happy things!
I have my paws crossed for Sitka!
Kisses and hugs

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

I love PB filled kongs too, but now I mostly get pumpkin and yogurt filled ones. Those are good too, especially with happy hearts mixed in!